Web catalog

If you sell goods wholesale or retail, and your price list contains not ten, or even a hundred items, then you urgently need your own "showcase" on the Internet!

A catalog site is an ideal solution for a company that has a wide range of products for sale and wants to constantly find new clients and partners. The main task of such a site is to contain all the information about the offered goods, their names, short and detailed descriptions, photographs. This is done so that every client, regardless of time and location, can get acquainted with all the products that your company offers. In addition to the list of products itself, such a site provides visitors with comprehensive information about the company itself, its addresses and contact information. It may also contain a section with reviews, where clients who have already used the services of the firm will share their impressions.

To make it easy for the client to find the product he is interested in, all commodity items in the catalog will be divided into appropriate categories. The built-in name search makes it even easier to use the directory site.

Thanks to the directory site, you can find new clients far beyond your city, and even your country. The presence of an Internet directory opens up unlimited opportunities for establishing new partnerships and maintaining existing ones. Keep in touch with customers by arranging promotions and discounts, and informing them about it using the newsletter.

Another powerful argument in favor of creating a catalog site for your company: advertising on the Internet is much cheaper compared to the same advertising on television and the media. But at the same time, the circle of potential consumers is much wider. Plus, you no longer need to print your catalog on paper, which will also save your budget.

  • All commodity items in the catalog have a short and complete description. Thanks to this design, it is much easier to view the general list of names, and at the same time, you can easily find out more detailed information by opening a separate page.
  • Each heading has a compact photo that can be expanded by clicking the mouse to view the product in detail.
  • The catalog site is equipped with a search form for quickly finding the desired product by word or phrase.
  • Each product can be located in the corresponding category, so that the user will quickly find the product of interest.
  • You can easily add new products and services to your catalog site. Editing existing commodity items will also not be difficult for you
  • Convenient administration panel. You can easily edit / add photos, product descriptions, articles, etc.

That is why a product catalog site is the best solution for you! Companies around the world are striving to keep up with the times, using web technologies to automate their commerce and effectively advertise their business. If a competitor has a directory site, and you do not, then soon you may lose market share and be at a disadvantage.


The advantages that you will receive when developing a catalog site


Providing information to your customers takes time, whether by phone, face-to-face, in a brochure, or in an email. The catalog site will provide all the necessary information instantly and without your participation, saving time. And time is money!


With a well-structured directory site, you can promote instant confidence in your potential customers by providing them with all the proof that your offer is real and serious.


A catalog site makes it possible to attract partners to promote a product by creating partner programs, which is a very effective tool for advertising and sales.


Make your products available to a wider customer base without increasing print and distribution costs. You can localize the directory site specifically for different geographic markets and make it available to dealers and customers from anywhere with Internet access.


Collecting and analyzing information through feedback channels allows you to more accurately determine the properties of the target audience, the "portrait" of the client, his interests, desires and needs.


Your catalog site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are unable to answer a call, you can be sure that your site is available to answer your customers' questions.