Tell the whole world about yourself

Personal website creation

Personal or "personal" site is the site of any particular person. Usually, they are small and contain information of a personal or biographical nature or information about the services and advice provided by this person.

A personal website is an excellent opportunity to tell the whole world about yourself, your business or your talents. A personal site can include portfolio sites, personal blogs, or personal sites.

Who needs to create a personal website?

Sites of this type are suitable for people who are interested in self-promotion: photographers, instructors, fitness trainers, artists, musicians, writers, creative individuals and people of various professions.


Why create personal sites:

— Self-presentation;

— Show your portfolio;

— Communication with fans of your activity;

— Ability to find clients, buyers, sponsors or employers;

Main features of a personal website:

— Exclusive and attractive design;

— A story about yourself (some personal information);

— Your talent / service is carefully painted, accompanied by photo, video or audio recordings.

— Small amount of pages, usually no more than 5-7.

One of the main features of a personal site is that it contains brief information about the person - only the most important and necessary. Therefore, its structure is limited to only a few main sections: about yourself, services, prices, feedback form, contacts.

When creating a personal site, special attention is paid to how the information on the site is presented. It should be capacious, "bright" and catchy. Careful website design is also important. It should be memorable, but at the same time unobtrusive and inviting. It is the design of a personal site that can profitably play on the image and reputation of the person represented on it.

A personal website is a great opportunity to tell everyone about yourself, your ideas and plans.