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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of activities aimed at improving site positions on thematic queries in search engines and, as a result, increase in the number of visitors interested in purchasing your services.

SEO optimization is one of the most important points in the long-term development of a website. Thanks to site optimizers, web resources become visible in search engines, and also take high positions in search queries .

Goals: getting the site to the top 10 for the given keywords, increasing organic traffic to the site.

How to achieve? Search engine optimization of sites is divided into two areas: internal optimization and external optimization.


Internal website optimization:

1. Thorough analysis of the line of business and selection of key phrases by which users will search for a site on the Internet.
2. Breakdown of keywords into semantic groups by site pages that will be displayed in search results.
3. Technical optimization:
3.1 Internal linking of pages and setting up redirects.
3.2 Checking the correct indexing of the site.
3.3 Checking the correctness of the link structure.
3.4 Removing links to other sites.
3.5 Working with robots.txt file, optimization of site loading speed.
3.6 Setting up a sitemap.
3.7 Connecting analytics (google analytics, Yandex metric)
4.Optimizing text content.

SEO optimization of text content allows you to increase the ranking of your site for keywords. This stage provides for a professional analysis of the content of the site and filling only with unique text: at this stage, new content is written or the existing content is rewritten.

External website optimization:

1. Site registration in thematic directories and search engine directories. This not only increases the citation of your site, but also adds credibility and engages an interested audience.
2. Buying rental links
3. Buying perpetual links

Search algorithms are designed in such a way that they rank the site by the number of incoming links from other sites.

Links from different sites have different weights. The higher the indicators of the referring site, the more weight it transfers through the link to the recipient site.

Purchased links can be temporary or permanent. In the first case, the webmaster pays for the link all the time, in the second - only once. The eternal link is called so conditionally, no one gives guarantees for its continued existence.